PSA: 2021-1016
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GPU: L210007

ICS: 2021-133

PSA Liaison Officer

Tibor Jakab is a “complete” photographer. He creates artistic photos since 1988. More then 650 of his photos with around 2500 acceptances have been exhibited at International Art Photography Salons in 50 countries on 5 continents and have been awarded more then 300 medals. He had 55 personal exhibitions in 15 countries and participated at many group exhibitions. As freelance photo-journalist contributed more than 1500 of illustrated articles to listed newspapers and magazines over 25 years, 1989 - Present. More than 100000 photos published.
Studies: - graduated the Technical University of Cluj, (Romania), as mechanical engineer
              - graduated the New York Institute of Photography
              - PhD student at Art University Tirgu Mures
Speaker of Hungarian, Romanian, English and French languages
Profession: - art photographer, lecturer (teaching arts and multimedia) at Arts University of Tirgu Mures, Art teacher, press photographer
Member of: - A.A.F.(Romanian Photoartists Society)-1990 - present
                 - P S A (Photographic Society of America)-1991 - present
                 - U.A.P. (Fine Arts Union of Romania)-1998 - present
                 - I.O.J.( International Organization of Journalists) –1998 - present
                 - FIJET (Federation International de Journalist et Ecrivain en Tourisme)- 2008 – present
Photographic Society of America
        - Associateship of PSA –APSA-2006
        - Proficiency PSA- PPSA-2010
        - Excellency PSA- EPSA-2012
        - Master PSA – MPSA - 2016
        - Fellowship of PSA- FPSA-2012
Multi Star and Galaxy exhibitor of PSA in several divisions
PSA International Representative of Romania since 1996
India International Photographic Council
        - Associateship for Service to Photography ASIIPC 2005
Pakistan Salon Group
        - Honorary Associateship – Hon.APSG -1995
        - Honorary Fellowship- Hon.FPSG- 2008
International Federation of Photographic Art - FIAP
Artist /AFIAP 1992 ,Excellence / EFIAP 1995 , Excellence-Bronze / EFIAP/b 2000 , Excellence-Silver /EFIAP/s 2005, Excellence- Gold /EFIAP/g 2014
Kamera Klub Linz, Austria
KKL Friendship Prize 2004  awarded for international bridge-building thru photographic activity
Image Colleague Society, USA
        - Honorary Fellowship- Hon.FICS-2013
        - Grand Master- GM.ICS- 2014
Since 1991 based on artistic photographic achievements his name was included every year on the” Who’s Who in Photography” edited by Photographic Society of America
COLLECTIONS: His works can be found in collections of museums and cultural centers and private collections. Many interviews about art and art photography and portrait films with him have been shown at TV in Romania and abroad. Also more than 50 radio interviews in Romania and abroad.

Dr. Teodor Radu Pantea, EFIAP/silver, EH.ISF, PSA*(CS), PSA**(PPD), PSA**(PJ), PSA***(CPID), Hon.ICS, F.ICS, AICS, Hon.F.PAD, Hon.F.ICS, E.USPA, F.SWAN, Hon.F.SWAN, E.FMPA, Hon.IPS, Hon.FKSS, M.AAFR, Hon.AAFR, Hon.TAMA, Hon.API, UAPR, Hon.FPSBP, BPICS, GMICS Vice President ICS Int. Board Director

Teodor Radu Pantea was born in Oradea in 1953. He graduated from the Galati University, Faculty of Food Industry in 1977 with profession chemical engineer.
Master Degree in “Pedagogy” and “Sculpture and ambient” at Oradea University, Faculty of Visual Arts.
He earned his Ph.D in history of photography at Oradea University in 2006 with theme: “Photographic Movement in Romanian Salons of Photographic Art Between 1945 – 2003”.
Teacher of photography at Oradea University, Faculty of Visual Arts. Teacher of photojournalism at Oradea University, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism.
He started to practice photographic art since the primary school.
Participant in the most Exhibitions of Photography organized in Romania since 1979 till present (more than 100 exhibitions with over 300 acceptances).
Participant in more than 400 International Exhibitions of Photography where he gained 291 Medals and Honorable Mentions.
He served as a judge in 50 International Exhibitions of Photography and 10 Nationals.
In 2011 receive the title “Excellence” E.FIAP from International Federation of Photographic Art. He has photography in International Federation of Photographic Art patrimony.
He has 97 personal exhibitions and more than 70 group exhibitions.
He has works in private collections, museums and organizations profile in entire world.
He has photographs exposed in 53 countries.

Mircea Anghel, A.FIAP, HON.FICS

Date and place of birth: 2nd July 1946, Craiova, Romania
Education: National College “Carol I”, Craiova; Military School of Engineering Officers, Sibiu; Academy of High Military Studies, Bucharest. Retired in 1996, with the rank of colonel.
Activity: At nine, he discovers the world of photography in the laboratory and photo studio of a relative, the great photographer from Craiova, Paul Ivanovici, who becomes his master.
When he retires, he embraces the world of photography and in 1999 sets up the "Mihai Dan-Calinescu" photo club at the Military Club in Craiova.
All this time he has bees the president of the photo club, and ever since 1999 has organized a training course of art and technique of photography, attended over the years by 700 young people, out of which 20 became students in photography in Romanian and England universities.
He has had more than 400 works selected in national exhibitions and more than 200 in international exhibitions, where he has obtained over 50 awards, medals and distinctions.
He has had 12 personal exhibitions hosted by different Romanian towns (Arad, Bucuresti, Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Tg.Mures, Rm.Valcea, Brasov, Sibiu, Miercurea Ciuc, Slatina, Galati, Craiova), Art Museum – Cernauti - Ukraina, Haifa - Israel, Salzburg - Austria.
He has taken part in more than 15 group exhibitions in various countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.
Within the photo club in Craiova, he has organized over 80 exhibitions of foreign photographers and over 150 exhibitions of Romanian photographers.
Membership: President of Association „DACICA” Romanian Art Photographic Society.



President of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society of Romania.

Razvan Baleanu was born in Campina, Romania in 1985. He graduated from the University of Art and Cinematography with Degree in Visual Arts in 2008 and a Master Degree in Media and Journalism in 2010. His love for photography began in childhood, when, at age 12, he took his first photograph. When he was 15, he began to really work on his photography, with its written and unwritten rules, participating at International Exhibitions of Photography with PSA and FIAP patronages.
Razvan started practicing the photographic art by developing and printing in black and white, in his own laboratory, and then subsequently, embracing the digital technique.
He has over 110 Awards, Medals, HM’s and over 1400 acceptances at PSA, GPU and FIAP recognized International Exhibitions of Photography. He has photography’s exposed in over 50 countries and more than 30 important cities in Romania.
He served as a judge in International Exhibitions of Photography (PSA, GPU and FIAP recognized).
In 2015 founded “Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society” to promote art in photography in entire world, where serves as President.
In 2016 founded CAMPINA International Exhibition of Photography with PSA, GPU and ICS Recognition’s, and from 2017 ONYX International Exhibition of Photography with PSA, GPU and ICS Recognition’s, where it serves as Exhibition Chairman.
He has works in several museums around the world and in International Federation of Photographic Art heritage.
Razvan Baleanu works as technical director at a National Television Station from Romania.
- President of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society of Romania, 2015 to present.
- Chairman of CAMPINA International Exhibition of Photography, Romania, 2016 to present.
- Chairman of ONYX International Exhibition of Photography, Romania, 2017 to present.
- General Chairman Cross-Culture Committee of Image Colleague Society (ICS), USA, 2017 to present.
- International Permanent Commissioner of Image Colleague Society (ICS), USA, 2017 to present.
- Board of Management of Image Colleague Society (ICS), USA, 2017 to present.

Member of:
  • P.S.A. – Photographic Society of America, 2005 to present
  • F.I.A.P. – International Federation of Photographic Art, 2008 to present
  • G.P.U. – Global Photographic Union, 2015 to present
  • I.C.S. – Image Colleague Society International, 2016 to present
33 Distinctions and Titles:
  • E.PSA – Title “EXCELLENCE” awarded by Photographic Society of America.
  • B.PSA – Title “BRONZE” Portfolio awarded by Photographic Society of America.
  • A.FIAP – Title “ARTIST” awarded by International Federation of Photographic Art.
  • Hon.FICS – Title “HONORARY FELLOW ICS” awarded by Image Colleague Society International, USA.
  • ES.USPA – Title “EXCELLENCE SERVICE” awarded by United States Photographic Alliance, USA.
  • Hon.EFMPA – Title “HONORARY EXCELLENCE” awarded by Federation Multicultural Photographic Art, USA.
  • A.ICS – Title “ASSOCIATE” awarded by Image Colleague Society International, USA
  • GPU CR2 – Title – “GPU CROWN 2” – awarded by Global Photographic Union.
  • Hon.WPG – Title de “Honorary” – awarded by Word Photography Group, Saudi Arabia.
  • HON.F.WPG – Title “Honorary Fellow” – awarded by Word Photography Group, Saudi Arabia.
  • Hon.WPAI – Title – “HONORARY” – awarded by Wildlife Photography Association of India.
  • Hon.PESGSPC – Title “HONOURARY PESGSPC” awarded by Pascal English School and Greek School Photographic Club from Cyprus.
  • GPA.PESGSPC – Title “Grand Progress Award” awarded by Pascal English School and Greek School Photographic Club from Cyprus.
  • Hon.FSAP – Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by Sigma Academy of Photography, India.
  • Hon.EUSPA – Title “Honorary Excellence” awarded by United States Photographic Alliance, USA
  • Hon.FPPS – Title “Honorary” awarded by Phoenix Photographic Society, Bangladesh.
  • Hon.FTPAS – Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by Tricity Photo Art Society, India.
  • Hon.FSWAN – Title “Honorary Fellow” awarded by SWAN INTERNATIONAL, USA.
  • Hon.FOZIPS – Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by Ozone Zone International Photo Society, Dominica.
  • Hon.HKNPS – Title “Honorary” awarded by Hong Kong Nature Photographic Society.
  • HA.PPI - Title “Honorary Advisor” awarded by Professional Photographers International.
  • CMP.PPI - Title “Certified Master Photographer” - Travel Category awarded by Professional Photographers International.
  • Hon.FCPA – Title “Honorary” awarded by Association of Professional Photographers FotoClubPro Arad, Romania.
  • Hon.FGNG – Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by Green Go Club, Kolkata, India.
  • MEDAL OF HONOR Distinction - Hon.AMAP – awarded by Association of M’sila for Art Photography, Algeria.
  • Hon.APF - Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by Artwork Photography Foundation from India.
  • Hon.GMGNG - Title “Honorary Grand Master Fellowship” awarded by Green Go Club from India.
  • Hon.FPMP - Title “Honorary Fellowship” awarded by PMP Club from India.
  • Hon.PIPC - Title “Honorary” awarded by Pharaohs International Photographic Club from Egypt.
  • E.AAFR - Title “EXCELLENCE” awarded by Association of Photographic Artist in Romania.
  • HONORARY MEMBER – awarded by Foto Club “Mihai Dan Calinescu”, Craiova, Romania.
  • A.WIEP – Title “ASSOCIATE” and Honorary Member awarded by Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography, USA.
24 PSA STARS offered by Photographic Society of America:
  • PSA 5***** PID-C - Pictorial Image Division Color
  • PSA 4**** PTD - Photo Travel Division
  • PSA 3*** PID-M - Pictorial Image Division Monochrome
  • PSA 3*** PJD - Photojournalism Division
  • PSA 3*** PPD-C - Pictorial Print Division Color
  • PSA 3*** PPD-M - Pictorial Print Division Monochrome
  • PSA 3*** ND - Nature Division