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LAST DAY! We warmly welcome your participation! Be part of our exhibition!

6th CAMPINA 2021, International Exhibition of Photography, Romania. 
Closing Date: 1 November 2021!

PSA: 2021-1423, GPU: L210104 and ICS: 2021-116 Recognition’s!
Total 171 High Quality Awards! Five Sections! Low Entry Fees! Club Discounts!

We will increase the number of individual awards and club awards if we have many participants!
We would be very honored to have you near us again, to realize an extremely valuable exhibition!

- Best Club Award - Special Award Plaque
- Best Author Award - Special Award Plaque
Plus more Special Individual and Club Awards Plaques!

- Acceptances from this exhibition count for the Merit Distinctions of our society - Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society. CPE Merit Distinctions are: Artist, Excellence, Master and Grand Master! The holders of the CPE distinctions receive a printed certificate, the badge and a presentation gallery on the CPE website! 
Application is free of charge. Also there are no costs for postage.
- TOP 25 BEST AUTHORS of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society! Participate and enter in Best Top! This top is made annually after the acceptances and awards from our 2 exhibitions CAMPINA and ONYX.
- Participation count for Distinctions for Services of our society - Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society: CPE Distinctions for Services are: Excellence Service, Master Service and Grand Master Service! Distinctions are offered for the number of participations in our exhibitions!
- We offer Acceptance Certificates!
- We offer very special medals handmade created by plastic artists!
- Report Card with individual judge's scores for each participant!
- Low entry fees with discounts for groups and clubs!
- Acceptances count for PSA, GPU, ICS and CPE Distinctions!
- Maximum acceptances set by PSA rules!
- More medals and awards every year! PSA, GPU, ICS and CPE Medals and Honorable Mentions!
- You can win from the many awards available in exhibition, 171 Total High Quality Medals and Awards!
- High judging standards according to PSA rules!
- High Quality Print Exhibition and Public Video Projections in many locations to promote accepted and awarded works!
- Permanent gallery with all accepted and awarded works on exhibition website!
- This edition we offer more special medals handmade created by plastic artists!
- Awards are shipped with the premium recommended postal service with track number!

Photographic Distinctions! 
Acceptances count for Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society Merit Distinctions and Distinctions for Services!
For all information’s please visit:  

TOP 25 BEST AUTHORS (season 2021 - 2022) of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society! 
Participate and enter in Best Top!
For all information’s please visit:  

Many thanks to all participants for the trust and great support granted in previous editions! 

With great pleasure we invite you to participate again this year with your valuable works at 6th CAMPINA 2021! 

DATE: 1 November 2021