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CATALOG - 5th ONYX 2021

CATALOG - 5th ONYX 2021

CATALOG - 5th ONYX 2021 
Please visit website to view the catalog and download it (click on 2021 edition).
Many thanks to all participants for the trust and support! We thank you to each author, for confidence and participation in our exhibition.
At 5th ONYX 2021 we received 8182 extremely valuable works from 555 authors, from 65 countries!
Congratulations to all awarded and accepted authors!

Very numerous and very valuable participation's helped us to achieve the most valuable exhibition! We feel very proud that you have chosen us again and thank you all!
We are very glad to have received an extraordinary collection of works!
We have increased the number of awards at this edition to 194 total medals and awards, due to numerous and valuable participation's, to reward as many valuable authors as possible.

Please visit gallery with all accepted and awarded works: 

Our society and exhibitions are made from our great passion for photographic art for other passionate like us!

We invite you to participate in our next exhibition:
6th CAMPINA 2021 International Exhibition of Photography, Romania. PSA, GPU and ICS Approved! Total 171 Awards! 

DATE: 20 April 2021