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Dr. Teodor Radu Pantea, EFIAP/silver, EH.ISF, PSA*(CS), PSA**(PPD), PSA**(PJ), PSA***(CPID), Hon.ICS, F.ICS, AICS, Hon.F.PAD, Hon.F.ICS, E.USPA, F.SWAN, Hon.F.SWAN, E.FMPA, Hon.IPS, Hon.FKSS, M.AAFR, Hon.AAFR, Hon.TAMA, Hon.API, UAPR, Hon.FPSBP, BPICS, GMICS Vice President ICS Int. Board Director

Country: Romania

Teodor Radu Pantea was born in Oradea in 1953. He graduated from the Galati University, Faculty of Food Industry in 1977 with profession chemical engineer.
Master Degree in “Pedagogy” and “Sculpture and ambient” at Oradea University, Faculty of Visual Arts.
He earned his Ph.D in history of photography at Oradea University in 2006 with theme: “Photographic Movement in Romanian Salons of Photographic Art Between 1945 – 2003”.
Teacher of photography at Oradea University, Faculty of Visual Arts. Teacher of photojournalism at Oradea University, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism.
He started to practice photographic art since the primary school.
Participant in the most Exhibitions of Photography organized in Romania since 1979 till present (more than 100 exhibitions with over 300 acceptances).
Participant in more than 400 International Exhibitions of Photography where he gained 291 Medals and Honorable Mentions.
He served as a judge in 50 International Exhibitions of Photography and 10 Nationals.

In 2011 receive the title “Excellence” E.FIAP from International Federation of Photographic Art. He has photography in International Federation of Photographic Art patrimony.
He has 97 personal exhibitions and more than 70 group exhibitions.
He has works in private collections, museums and organizations profile in entire world.
He has photographs exposed in 53 countries.