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Tania Cholwich, APSSA(Vers), DPSSA(Vers), FPSSA

Country: South Africa 

My African dream can be captured as the magnificent beauty and behaviour of the wildlife, the African sun tingling on my skin and a camera ready to capture the unique moments which last a lifetime. 
I absolutely love what I do but am not your run-of-the-mill photographer.  My passion for nature and wildlife photography stems from my natural love for Africa and all of her breathtaking beauty.
Since birth I was taught to care and respect animals and nature.
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I see the broader African continent as my home and have an insatiable desire to travel and explore the African continent.
I fell in love with photography 10 years ago and I have never   looked back since. 
I am a proud member of the Photographic Society of South Africa.
Through my photography I share the wonder and awe that I feel when I am in Africa’s wild and mysterious places.
I draw inspiration from being surrounded by nature. The tranquility and the vastness of the true wilderness makes me want to capture the split-second moments to the best of my ability.
I come alive from  behind the lens of a camera when I see the world from a different perspective through my camera.  

Some of my main achievements during the 10 years of my Photography Journey:

- Received my LPSSA(Licentiateship) from the Photographic    Society of South Africa.
- 2nd Photographic Society of South Africa International Digital    Salon: FIAP Gold Medal - Nature.

- Received my APSSA(Associateship) from the Photographic    Society of South Africa.
- Trierenberg Super Circuit - 13th Special Themes Circuit
 Gold Medal - Nature.
- 9th International Salon - Circuit of Art - With Love To Woman
 UIP Gold Medal - Maternity and Family - Monochrome
- HIPA Finalist 2014 - Life In Colour.

- Photographic Society of South Africa
 Impala Trophy - Top Ten Award.
- 3rd Olympic Photo Circuit
 FIAP - Honourable Mention
 GPU - Honourable Mention
 FIP - Honourable Mention
- Bristol International Salon
 Honourable Mention - Nature
- N.E.W Bi-Continental Photo Circuit
 GPU Bronze Medal
 GPU Bronze Medal
- 4th Greek Photographic Circuit
 Judges Choice 1 

- Nature’s Best - Africa
 Highly Honoured - Mammals Of Africa: Behavioural
 Second Runner Up - Reptiles Of Africa 
- Art Reflection Circuit
 EPS Bronze Medal - Monochrome
- 1st Pacific-Atlantic International Photographical Circuit
 GAP Gold Medal
 GAP Silver Medal
- German International DVF - PhotoCup
 FIAP Honourable Mention
 PSA Bronze medal

- New Zealand International Salon
 PSNZ Gold Medal - Nature
- German International PhotoCup
 FIAP Gold Medal - Nature
 Honourable Mention - Open Colour
- 5th Olympic Photo Circuit 
 Certificate of Merit - Open Colour
- Yorkshire International Salon
 Certificate Of Merit - Nature
 PSA Honourable Mention 
- NEW Bi-Continental Circuit 
 Bronze Medal - Nature

- German International DVF PhotoCup
 Honourable Mention - Monochrome
- 6th Olympic Photo Circuit
 GPU Gold Medal - Nature
- 3rd Cross Continental Circuit( Indonesia)
 CCC Gold Medal - Monochrome
- Full Frame International Salon
 Gold Medal - Nature
- 3rd Campina Exhibition 
 Gold Medal - Nature
- 3rd ONYX International Exhibition of Photography
 ONYX Honourable Mention - Colour

- Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year Finalist - Nature
- Photographic Society of South Africa 
 DPSSA (Vers) : Monochrome, Wildlife, Colour
- Africa Geographic - Publication  of Great Migration Images 

- 2020 American Art Awards
 Category Animal - 1st Place
       - 2 x 3de Place
       - 5th Place
 Category Manipulated Photography: Human or Animal
       - 2nd Place
       - 6th Place

- Campania Photographic Exhibition Society
 Distinction: Honorary - HON.CPE
I am blessed beyond words to be able to do what I love.

Facebook: Tania Cholwich Wildlife & People Photography
                 Tania Cholwich 
Instagram: taniacholwich