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Country: Japan

International Executive Director of the Ashiya Photo Association. Photography Education
Graduated from “Photographic Expression University“ & “Kyoto University of Art and Design - Faculty of Arts Photography Course" Awards & Achievements
Kansai ONaeba Audience Award / Nika Exhibition winning / Epson the Photo Grand Prix winning / Mitsubishi Corporation AGP winning/Kobe Biennale Award for Excellence / Ashiya City Exhibition Special Jury Prize / Ashiya Art Museum Award winning / Paris International Photo Competition [Salon Daguerre] Medaille d'or FIAP (Gold) award / INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ART SALON OF Foto Club Pro Arad Romania winning the ribbon prize / North Bengal photography Club India accepted/

Photo exhibition history
Photo exhibition "That Winter in Paris" / Photo exhibition "Paris la Récurrente" / Photo exhibition "Inside of Japan / Nippon's Mind" in Kobe, Tokyo and Paris / Photo exhibition "Paris-Troisième Rêve" (The Third Time in Paris) in Kobe and Tokyo / Paris PPVB slide exhibition & lecture / Photo exhibition "Paris & Japan" at Kobe Kitano Museum / Photo exhibition "Osaka's American Village Story" at Olympus in Tokyo & Osaka / Photo exhibition "Paris · CARAT Exhibition - Osaka America Village Story" / Osaka Month of Photography / Noh photo exhibition Noh in the wall /(P+R) photography exhibition/ 2019: Solo Exhibition [Inside of The Japan/Nippon‘s Mind ] at Mandarine Gallery Paris Photo book publishing history
Photo-book "That winter of Paris" / Photo-book "Regime change-candidate Koichi Tani and his recording Edition" /Photo-book "Osaka America Village Story" / Photo-book"2009 (Japan election story) 2012" published/ Judging-Career
Ashiya Photo Association Competition [Road to Paris 2014 & 2015] judge /Paris international Photo contest [Salon Daguerre 2015 & 2017 ] judge/ Contracted gallery
Photo-Originale Paris
Art Director history
Intermixing with Paris PPVB France

At the same time when becoming the member of a Parisian photo organization PPVB (Le Photo-club de Paris Val de Bièvre) & becoming the adviser of of AP (Ashiya Photographic Society), which was established in 2012, coordinated the signing of the "Agreement on the photo and friendship" by PPVB and AP. This agreement became the foundation of ”Road to Paris” which gives the opportunity to the winners of the Ashiya Photo Contest in which they compete about the "Creation and Discovery of New Beauty".
Paris UDA Exhibition ~ a joint exhibition at UDA Paris main 30 works (10 French works +10 Japanese works +10 AP winners' works) / Intermixing with Lodz LPA Poland
As a memorial intermixing of {Japan-Poland Commemorative 100th Anniversary100 year},I coordinated the signing of the "Agreement on the photo and friendship" by LPA (Lodz Photography Association)& AP. Affiliation
Le photoclub de Paris val de Bièvre, member
Ashiya Photo Association Adpro & Director
ICS (Image Colleague Society) Representative of Japan