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Sudip Roychoudhury, EFIAP, FFIP, AIIPC, IIPC Platinum, Hon.FBAF, Hon.FIVAF, Hon. FSAP, Hon.PESGSPC, GPA PESGSPC, Hon.SSS, Hon. FPPS, Hon.WPG, Hon.FICS

Country: India

Sudip Roychoudhury is noted for his inimitable works magnifies life and enriched culture of India which further instigate inner feelings of human mind and soul.
Sudip started shooting photos in his high school days. He began participating in various National and International Photographic Salons and photo competitions since the year 2000.
His images are regularly successful in International echelon. His photographs have won him more than 400 awards from 46 countries all over the world.
Sudip also received prestigious award from Lalit Kala Akademi of India.
In 2013 he was honoured with “Photographer of the year award” by Photo Division, Government of India.

Sudip has been awarded several national and international honours and distinctions from different countries like France, USA, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia etc.
Sudip is an invariably involved as Judge for various international and national photographic salons and photo competitions. Till date he judged more than 100 International Salons and many National Salons and Photo competitions.
In 2010, he was invited in Turkey by the Konya Governorship of Culture and Tourism Directorate, Turkish Republic as a Jury Member of International Photographic Salon.
In 2018, he was invited in China by International Union Of Photographers(IUP) as a Jury member of their international salon.
In 2019, he was invited in Nepal by International Photography of Nepal(IPN) as a Jury member for two of their international salons.
Sudip is passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to help others. He has been teaching photography over 10 years . He also conducts many photo tours and workshops in different places in India throughout the year with Indian as well as foreign participants.