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Sounak Banerjee, FFIP, AFIAP, A.CPE

Country: India

Mr. Banerjee is an India based photo artist and is renowned internationally for his work in this field.He is a Computer Engineer and has worked in IT for several years, before pursuing his long time hobby of photography as a full time occupation. He is the founder and pioneer of a contemporary art and photography institute in India, "Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography", and commits himself as a mentor and teacher. He has nearly 200 students presently, which he says, is like his family. His association and work with the masters of photography, such as Padma Shri Raghu Rai, has earned him recognition and reputation of the highest order across the world.Many of his works have been exhibited in distinguished art galleries across the world, in over 70 countries. As of date, he has won almost 350 awards globally, from 52 countries. In the year 2016-2017, PSA had ranked Mr. Banerjee, world number 20 in the Who's Who listing in Travel-Digital. Mr. Banerjee strives to be a creator and innovator of the art of photography, and seeks to develop the same in his students, and motivate enthusiasts around the world.