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Sona Dalal

Country: India

If sheer hard work, dream and determination can lead someone to the way of success, then Sona Dalal is a perfect example of it. Born in 1993, Sona Dalal was brought up in a middle class family at Santipur, a small town of West Bengal, India. He started the practice of photography with a mobile phone when he was 21. Inspired by the works of some senior photographers from Santipur, he started to nurture the dream of photography in his mind and started clicking seriously from his heart. The variety of subjects around him and his locality always tempted him to capture them from a different perspective. His only moto was to think differently from what others photographer think and capture. This eagerness made him buy a DSLR to capture those moments around him more perfectly. From the beginning, he loved to photograph people, their lives, their habitat, their way of livelihood. As time flew and he matured 'people' became his favorite genre of photography. Beside people and life, his interest grew on landscape as well as on the textures and unobserved patterns. He always loved to see and analyze the works of great photo-artists around the globe through various social media platforms. He started to improvise various frames in his mind and convert them to reality through his gear. He travelled to various destinations with his gears and turned his imaginations into reality through the magical world of pixel, exposure, ISO and aperture. His hard work and perseverance soon lead him to fame and appreciation from various contests and salons in India and abroad and achieve various distinctions and honors in the field of photography like AFIAP (ARTIST-Fédération Internationale De L'Art Photographique) EFIP (EXCELLENCE-Federation Of Indian Photography) , Hon.PESGSPC, GPA.PESGSPC,Hon.APF, Hon.AvTvISO, Hon.CPE. His work has been featured in various international magazines and have also been exhibited in various International exhibitions. He was honored with the prestigious membership of Federation of Indian Photography in 2020. He is now a very popular and well renowned person in the world of photography. His only dream is to carry his dreams higher with love and appreciation of the people around him until the mind permits.