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Country: India

Hi! This is Snigdha Kar (AFIAP; AFIP; Hon.CPE; Hon.PESGSPC; GPA.PESGSPC) an Indian Photographer. From a nascent age, I had this curiosity of capturing people and their various struggles of life. That is why at just the age of 5, my Mom brought me "AGFA Click-III", thus starting my peregrination of becoming who I am. 

As a Photo Artist I started Salon Photography from the year 2017. My endeavour has always been to showcase the" Various mood of life" through Photography. To me every living being on this planet has "mood". That is why I have an altruistic love for Nature and Travel Photography:

Through Nature Photography I have captured the joy of Birds while catching their food, the care of mother towards their wildlings, the list may go on. Through Travel Photography I tried my best to illustrate how each and every place, culture or race speaks one thing "To live the life to the fullest despite the hardship that they face” .My works in Portrait Photography have tried to portray women who have been breaking the shackles of patriarchy, allowing to express themselves as what they really are in various forms.

I am also the founder of Photography Club PLAAPA (Photography Lovers an Abode of Photo Addicts) based in my city Kolkata. Although it started off as a social media Photography group in 2015, but since 2018 PLAAPA has been participating in various International & National Salon. Up till now PLAAPA has been awarded 18 times "Best Club Award" by various National and International Salons. In the Inter Club Contest organised by Federation of Indian Photography PLAAPA stood 8th all over my country India in 2018.
Up till now I have won numerous awards and acceptances through my photography in various International as well National Salons some of which:
1) Best Entrant Award in International Salon 
2) Best Women in Nature 
3) Several Gold & Silver Medals from International /National Salon etc.
I am honoured as well as delighted to receive felicitation from Federation of Indian Photography for being Salon Secretary of Women Power 3rd FIP National Digital Circuit 2019. As of now, I am Judging as a Juror in various International & National Salons. 
My heartfelt thanks to Campina Photographic Exhibition Society (Romania) for encouraging my Photography career by giving me such prestigious honour.