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Robin Price, ARPS, AIPF, PPSA, DPAGB, BPE 3*, GPU 2Cr, GPU VIP 1, GPU Aphrodite, EHPS, M.APS, Hon CPE

Country: England

I am a British photographer based in the north west of England. I took a serious interest in photography when I retired from my paid work in 2014. I bought a camera and a couple of lenses and off I went.
I joined my local camera club and started a night school course and threw myself into taking photographs. After a while I was becoming a more skilful photographer and my images were getting awards in local club competitions. 
Friends suggested I try for distinctions, and I started to enter national BPE competitions and gained reasonable success in those salons. At the same time, I gained my CPAGB and moved to a more competition-based photography club. This impetus pushed me to join the RPS and gain my LRPS. 
Then another friend suggested trying international salons and the rest is history! I entered my first overseas salon in July 2020, and I have been having reasonable success ever since. I have recently gained my DPAGB and my ARPS as well as more competition-based distinctions like my PPSA and GPU awards and my EHPS.
I like most types of photography, but my best work has been in Nature and Portraiture. I’ve been lucky to have a couple of trips to Africa to indulge in my big nature work and during Covid lockdowns and restrictions I’ve been working with a good friend in Covid friendly portrait work.
I am continuing to pursue success in international salons now that I have well and truly picked up that bug. I still maintain my work with my camera clubs, helping where I can as well as advising less experienced people who hopefully benefit from my advice and assistance.