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Rajat Dawn, Diploma in Photography (DDFU), AFIAP, EFIP, PPSA, Hon.GNG, Hon. APF, Hon.PESGSPC, GPA.PESGSPC, Hon.CPE (Romania)

Country: India

I was born in the year of 1976. By profession I am a employee of CESC Ltd as a Revenue Inspector. After MBA in Finance, I decided to learn photography and I completed Diploma in photography in the year of 2018. Without the help of Mr. Saibal Mondol, I never understand the Art of Photography.                     
During the same time I also started participating various salons and till date I have been awarded with more then 400+ International and national awards. I also applied for EFIAP this year. Photography is like meditation to me and I want to learn it till my last breath.                                
I would like to express my great thanks for nominating me as Hon.CPE as it is a great honor to me, also I would like to wish good luck to Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society for this good work .