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Prabir Kumar Roy

Country: Kolkata, India

Prabir (1955) is a retired banker from Kolkata, India and a photographer by choice. He is a Diploma holder from Photographic Association of Dum Dum, Kolkata (1982). He is an ardent photo salon participant and till now has exhibited his works in 50+ countries across the globe, with 5000+ acceptances along with 400+ awards/prizes in different levels. Indoor photography is his forte albeit he practices in other genres of photography in sheer passion. He is adorned with many distinctions from the major photographic bodies around the world, e.g, MPSA, ARPS, EFIAP, FFIP, AIIPC, GAPU, L.APS/S, M.NPS and lastly the HON.CPE.
He believes that his best is yet to comeā€¦.