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Country: Vietnam

Member of Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, title E VAPA Participating in artistic photography for more than 40 years Joining the Vietnam Photographic Artists Association for more than 35 years, art photography is my passion, my only, loyal love. During my walk, rolling through many fields, deep inspiration The boldest images are still pictures of daily life, pictures of hometown landscapes, every corner of daily life, every movement in labor, each traditional dance of the people of the three regions; with the homeland of the country, with a poetic, peaceful look, embellishing a wonderful colorful nature. I have distilled the image of each diligent footprint of Southern farmers to the magnificent terraces of the Northwest, from the coconut palm banks along the Vam Co river, the green U Minh Melaleuca forest to the foot of Ban Gioc waterfall. between the mountains and forests of the northern border. From the central coastal lagoons to the innocent and gentle children in the hot highland. Some of these images have been shared with the community through exhibitions, art festivals, the press, etc...