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Nirupam Dutta 

Country: India

I am Nirupam Dutta - an editorial, event and travel photographer from Kolkata, India. I have got two distinctions AFIAP, EFIP. My work allows me to travel often and is a direct reflection of the people, stories, and places that inspire me. I started photography as I loved to take pictures but now it became more than a passion.  When I'm not doing all things photo-related, I'm probably cooking or hiking, watching movies.  
I have a dream that has become a goal over the past couple of years. I believe, in most cases, reaching a goal means to accept challenges to follow your dreams. My dream was and is still to become a great photographer, and day after day, it has transformed into an ambition, which I want to move toward. For me photography is a chance to pause life, remembering special occasions, and create a vision that is all your own. I often use the tools of modern photography to try to capture in the emotions I felt at the moment when I tripped the camera's shutter. Thus, I, get lost in the aesthetic world of this art. As other photographers have inspired me to explore the world, I hope my contributions will inspire others to do the same.