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Marevi Denaxa

Country: Greece

I was born in Athens, Greece. From the early childhood I was got a film camera as a gift and started shooting. Always my interest was focused to the people. As I used to say, Life is too unexpected to need directions. Since 2013 I am studying photography.  I have participated to international competitions-salons  with great success and in 2021  the Federation Internationale  de l’ Art Photographic, in which I am a member has honored me with the distinction of Artist of Photography and  the Asian Photographic Union honored me with the Bronze Exhibitor distinction, and  India awarded  me with a Honorary Artistic Fellowship of GNG,  also the  Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society  of Romania, honored me  with  the  HONORARY – HON.CPE.  Also I am a member of ISF – France.  Many of my photos have already published in French and Italian magazines and Greek press.   I am working as I photojournalist and I am teaching Photography in person and in groups, also  I have participated in many exhibitions all over the world and I have made two sole  exhibitions.