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Marc Anagnostidis

Country: France

My name is Marc ANAGNOSTIDIS. I am living in Clermont-Ferrand since 1963. I worked as a metallurgical engineer and have always worked in research.
After graduation and a period of further training at the Saclay Nuclear Studies Centre, I started working in a nuclear research center specialized in the study and production of uranium alloys and other metals and alloys used in atomic batteries. I worked in this research center until I retired.
During my period of activity, I devoted my leisure time to nature photography. I participated very early in international photographic exhibitions mainly with images of birds, insects and landscapes.
These shows are privileged places to make progress in photography, provided they are serious and therefore approved by PSA and FIAP.
Nature photography (in the sense that it is defined by the two aforementioned organisms) is very interesting because it is very diverse. It allows us to deepen the lifestyles and habits of the species photographed.
You can't get good images of a species if you don't know it well. It is therefore important to examine each family or group of species to define the photographic requirements to be respected for each of them, which leads to a choice among the species one would like to photograph.