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Joseph K.S.Tan

Country: Singapore

- Born on 19/11/1928. Worked for Shell Eastern Petroleum Ltd on 1st October, 1951.
- Started Photography interest in 1965 at the age of 37 years old. Left my secured job as Head of Old Accounts on 31/12/1970 to pursue my interest in Photography.
- Won my 1st International award in 1967 and elected International Salon Chairman for 3 consecutive 1968-70.
- Left Singapore in 1974 for Europe (station in Rome-Italy) for 3 years to further my interest in photography. Travelled extensively over all Europe countries
- Joined Robinson Department Store as Ch.Portrait Photographer/Manager 1985-89
- Appointe Royal Photographer by 2nd Queen of Brunei in 1986-94
- Started own studio in Bangkok , Thailand 1990-1991. Have photographed the late King of Thailand and Supreme Monk in 1991;
- Return back to Singapore in April 1992 to start Joseph Master Photography (JMP) providing studio services and conducting photography courses to-date. In 1995-2019 appointed by Photographic Society of America (PSA) as their Singapore Representation and Region Director for South East Asia and Membership Director. 
- Received highest award in 2005 (Honorary Fellowship of the UK-based Master Photographers Association (Professional) and Fellowship (FPSA) Photographic Society of America in 2019. More information from