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John Coumbias, APSSA (Vers), EPSSA (Mille), AFIAP, GPU (Hermes)

Country: South Africa

My love of photography began from a young age. Photography for me is part of life. I see photographs everywhere, even in my sleep.
Photography for me is a media to communicate with everybody never mind about race, colour, religion, and life status
I am a member of three photographic clubs and I serve also on the committees
I achieved a few honours APSSA (Vers). EPSSA (Mille). AFIAP. GPU (Hermes).
I have had a few photographic accomplishments and every moment is a nice feeling from a gold club award to international gold medal.
I haven’t got a favourite genre or theme. I enjoy any photography from nature to landscape, portrait, street photography, travel, any picture with a good light is beautiful it is all about a good light to capture the magic moment
My photography taught me patience, not to give up, not to be discouraged and to believe in yourself
I admire all the photographers for their love of photography and dedication and everyone has a unique style to admire and to learn from.
My profession is engineer and I practise up to now and balance my life with my photography. I don’t miss any opportunity to take photos, every weekend I am out taking photos plus organising photographic trips. I also participate in National and International salons