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Guo Jing

Country: China

In 2016, appointed by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, she participated in a curatorial workshop for curators in New York.
In 2011, she was invited to the reviewers panel of China Lishui International Photography Festival.
In 2017 and 2019, she was invited to reviewers panel of Photolucida Portfolio Review.
In 2018, she served as international representative of Asia and America at the Rabat Lumiere in Moroco.
Invited to the jury of Trierenberg Super Circuit of Austria from 2012 to 2019, Critical Mass from 2015 - 2019, International Photography Awards from 2017 to 2019, as well as other international photo competitions and festivals in Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Ireland.
Current Status:
Chief Art Director of Taizhou Shangtuf Image and Art Development Co., Ltd,
Governing board member of Global Photographic Union (GPU) & China International representative
Chapter President of Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in China
Representative of The Photographic Society of New York in Zhejiang

Award - winning curatorial exhibitions:
In 2014, she planned View Appreciate Exhibitions of Presidents of Photography Societies from Ten Countries in Beijing International Photography Festival, won Pegasus award, top curatorial award in China.
In 2011, Group exhibition Other Worldly View by Chen Shijun, Lin Yuexin and Yuan Bohua won Best Show at Lishui Photography Festival.
In 2011, she curated exhibition Elf in South Pole for photographer Xiaochu Mao, winning honorary title of Best Photographer at the Pingyao International Photo Festival.
In 2012, Group exhibition Graceful Jiangnan and With Love to Women won Best Show awards at Qinghai Sanjiangyuan Photography Festival.
In 2014, she curated exhibitions of international photographers at Qinghai Sanjiangyuan International Festival, 6 among which won Best Exhibition Award, including Friendship by Greek photographer Demitrios Glumac, Forest by British photographer Drew Gardner, and 3 exhibitions including Landscape of South Africa by Johann Van de Walt won Excellent Photo Exhibition Award.
In 2015, curated and presented End of World by Bian Zihai, winning Excellent Photographer in Nature category at Pingyao International Photo Festival.
In 2016, curated Fishing Woman by Yan Jinsong won Excellent Photographer in Social Life category at Pingyao International Photo Festival.
In May 2016, curated group exhibition of ten photographers as Xu Bo, Li Yushan, Zhang Yongjiang, Dai Jiancheng etc, which won theme award, humanity photography award, Life theme award and landscape photography award at 4th Los Angeles China Photography Festival.

Successful curatorial exhibitions at photo festivals:
In 2018, Chief Curator to “Camel Bell on Silk Road” China from Naiman International Photo and Culture Festival.
From 2013 to 2018, Chief Curator to China Yixian International Photography Exhibition for six consecutive years.
In 2014, Chief Curator of international exhibition for China Qinghai Sanjiangyuan International Photography Festival.
In 2018, Chief Curator of Chinese exhibitions at 1st “Rabat Lumiere” Photo Festival in Morocco.
In 2014, curated exhibitions for South Africa Pavilion at Yixian Photography Festival. Salute to South Africa consisting works of 6 current and previous presidents of Photographic Society of South Africa, and Beautiful African Exhibition combined modern significant South Africa photographers and Chinese photographers.
In 2015, invited to curate exhibitions for the 10th China Photography Art Festival.
In 2015, invited and exhibited at Dali International Photography Festival.
In Oct. 2015, invited by Beijing Photo Week, she curated the exhibition Royal Photographic Society Collection from C1839-1939 at the festival in Beijing.
In 2017, curated 10 exhibitions by photographers from US, Poland, Argentina, Slovakia, Egypt, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc, for Shanghai International Photo Festival.
In Oct. 2017, organized “China Vision” photo exhibition at Siena International Photo Festival in Italy.
In Dec. 2017, curated about 20 exhibitions featuring “Man and Nature” at Sanmenxia International Photography Festival.
In Oct 2018, invited by the “Lang Jingshan Cup” 2nd China Picturesque Photo Biennale, she planned an exhibition featuring artistic portraits of eight international photographers from the United States, Hungary, the Netherlands etc.

Successful cases of curatorial exhibitions abroad:
In Jul. 2013, Beautiful Country, China-Russia-Ukraine photography Art exchange, first exhibition held in National Museum of Lvov, Ukraine.
From 2014 to 2019, “Chinese Cultural & Life” China-Germany Photography Art Exchanges was held in Munich and German Photography Festivals.
In April 2015, “Beautiful Countries” China - Greece - Ukraine - Cyprus Photography Art Exchanges exhibition opened in Cyprus.
In April 2016, “Charming Country” China-Oman Photography Art Exchange Exhibition opened in Oman. Ibrahim Albusaidi, President of Oman Photographic Society, Mr. Yu Fulong, Chinese Ambassador to Oman, and ambassadors from Russia, South Africa, Portugal, Philippines etc, were also present at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
In Sep. 2016, organized Charming China UK-China Photographic Art Exchange Exhibition and exhibited it in London.
In Sep. 2016, curated “Chinese Culture” China-Italy Photography Exhibition and exhibited at Confucius Institute in Florence, Italy.
In May 2017, the exhibition “Charming China” China-Morocco Photography Art Exchange Exhibition was held in Rabat. Shi Yueyun, the Cultural Counselor from Chinese Embassy in Morocco, attended the opening ceremony.
In April 2018, “Charming China” China-Iran Photography Art Exchange Exhibition was exhibited at Tehran Exhibition Center in Iran.

Successful cases of Planning International Photo exchange activities:
In October 2013, she planned the “Wind from the East” China-US photography art and culture exchange activities;
From 2014 to 2015, she planned the “Beautiful Country” China-South Africa Photography Exchange Exhibition and a series of photo exchange activities to celebrate the “National Year” of China-South Africa. The activities were supported and affirmed by the Ministry of Culture and the embassy.
In June 2018, she planned “Belt and Road” into North Africa and Photographic Exchange Exhibition to celebrate 60th Anniversary of China-Morocco Bilateral Relation. Chen Dongyun, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Morocco attended the opening ceremony.
Ambassador Li Li personally received all the members of the delegation.
In Dec 2018, she planned to “Belt and Road” Initiative into the Middle East - China UAE photography and art exchange creative activities.

Participate in major Photo events:
In 2017, she participated in the “Vietnam in the Eyes of Chinese Photographers”. Works from the photo event were selected and exhibited in the Great Hall of the People and visited by presidents from both countries.
In 2018, she participated in the event of Oman in The Eyes of Chinese Photographers on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-Oman diplomatic relations. The event was organized by the Ministry of Information of Oman and the Oman Photographers Association. Her works were collected and prefaced by the Oman Ministry of Foreign Affairs of and the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs of China.

She published the book entitled Top Secrets of Award-winning Photography.