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Derek Galon – M.A., FRPS, FOPS, hon.FSAPI, hon.CPE

Country: Dominica

Son of a Polish musician – as a small child loved spending hours under his dad’s grand piano, listening as he practised for his upcoming concerts. This powerful experience of real “surround sound” determined his life choice – the arts!
He studied classical music, arts and photography – requisitioned the family bathroom to serve as darkroom, also filming with 8mmm camera. Already in his teens he was winning awards and exhibiting works, while simultaneously continuing his education and giving concerts. With university studies completed, he further pursued his professional career in the arts.
After arriving in Canada from Europe, he expanded his professional interests to include holography and collaborated on production of innovative animated 3D holograms. But photography and filming still remain his strongest passion. And, he keeps photographing…and then, filming…and photographing… (now for over forty years!)

Derek has made his mark during the last four decades as an internationally recognized architecture, documentary, landscape, and commercial photographer, while creating his own art images along the way. He won many dozens of international medals and awards, gets invited as a juror to judge international photo competitions, organize photo workshops, and so on. He is also a Getty/iStock contributor.
Two coffee table books on the Caribbean theme, full of Derek's photographs and published in Canada in 2010, received Amazon's 5-star reviews and various accolades. They also started his love affair with the Caribbean. After his relocation from British Columbia, Canada to Dominica, Eastern Caribbean, he continues his work, collaborating with international media and working for top clientele.
His works sold to clients in many countries around the world. Currently, Derek is represented by Qrator (UK) and Nature Picture Library (UK), also offering his work directly to clients.
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