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David Bray, AFIAP, CPAGB, Hon.CPE

Country: England  
Club: Dunchurch Photographic Society

I was born in December 1974 and I am a career railway worker. 

I first started taking photographs in the mid-1980s use 126 film. I progressed through various low quality cameras, but capturing ‘high quality’ memories on film – we never lose our memories through looking back across our photographs. 

I purchased my first Digital SLR in the summer of 2013 with a desire to really lift the quality of my photography. Mostly, I took photographs of aeroplanes and trains. Not seeing any real noticeable improvement in my abilities, I joined my local Photographic Club in 2017 to help me improve my skills with a camera. And what a difference it made. 

Being part of a Photographic Society, I have been able to learn from the feedback given to me by other members and visiting judges for the competitions I have entered. With encouragement, I have enjoyed some successes. I have also diversified my range of subjects that I photograph. 

Of course, I still enjoy railway and aeroplane photography, but I am comfortable with nature/wildlife, landscapes, travel, and with a previously undiscovered passion for night photography, including astro-photography. 

One of the other things I have found during my membership of a Photographic Society, is the encouragement to work towards photographic awards and distinctions, including internationally. I have been very surprised with how successful some of my images have been, right across the world. 

Internationally, I have been able to achieve the ‘Artist’ level of FIAP, though I have enough acceptances and awards now to make the next couple of levels in that organisation. 

Meanwhile, in Great Britain, I have worked towards the ‘Credit’ level award in the PAGB. This was a different challenge, to see if my works when displayed in a printed format would meet the required standard. I am so proud to have achieved the CPAGB and AFIAP distinctions – especially when I see the fantastic quality of images that I ‘compete’ against. 

In time, I will apply for distinctions with the Campina, PSA, FIP and others too. At the moment, I am busy entering my images all the way around the world in various International exhibitions and salons! I am also busy performing the role of Chairman of Dunchurch Photographic Society. 

Naturally, I feel very honoured and proud to have been given the Honorary CPE distinction. Thank you so much for allowing me to become part of your photographic family. 

I have found photography to be quite subjective and that as photographers and judges, we all like different things. That is what makes photography such a rich and varied pastime. Learn from the feedback, and never give up. One day, it will be your day! If I can do it, anyone can. 

I would recommend that anyone with an interest in photography joins up with a Club or a Society. It has certainly benefitted me. I have become a more rounded photographer in terms of subject matter and the quality of my work has improved from very basic early days. 

Stay safe everyone, and thank you for checking out my profile here.