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Daniel De Cort, GPU: Aphrodite, Hermes, Cr2; PSA 5*; Hon PESGSPC; Hon.CPE

Country: Belgium

Photography always was part of my life. From my youth I followed the example of my father and elder brother. From my 16th I became member of a photo club: Foto Gamma Leuven. Later I became the president. I am now a mentor to help determine the artistic direction. 
Also I participate as an active member in a group of art photographers. 
During 5 years I studied at the Academy of fine arts in Leuven, and graduated in digital photography. 
Since 2008 I am an active member of UPI/GPU where I participated at the Photo Festivals of Turkey, Morocco Greece and Romania. Meanwhile I have been invited at the Jinan Photo Festival and the Camel Bell On Silk Road both in China. 
I was jury member in different photographic contests (Spain, Dubai, Greece). 
My submitted panels resulted in the titles of GPU Aphrodite and Hermes. 
Participations at international photographic contests resulted this year in GPU Cr2. 
On my walks through cities my eyes are drawn to trivial, commonplace situation or to remnants of human activities leaving traces in the urban landscape. 
Some of these are temporary like a shadow, a puddle or an unaware person. These are my “decisive moments”. Others lead their own life and in their triviality become a kind of work of art . Objects get another function or become a sculpture. There is tension between the figurative and the abstract, styling and realism.
I search for beauty in ordinary places and I like to put some humour and irony in my work.