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Country: Belgium

During the seventies I was already passionate about photography and got AFIAP in 1977. Following an accident, I had to stop and I was able to start again in 2013. I am at EFIAP/p and actively take care of the Royal Photo-club Berleur.
Photography has always been for me a way of expressing life as we feel it, good or bad, of what we have lived, happiness and misfortune. The expression of the feelings caused by the meeting of unknown people whose presence we feel intensely, attractive landscapes, amazing animals, and even abstract constructions, creative photos that prompt to ask many questions whose answer lies finally in us, further than reality. Every photo is an adventure.
An essential condition is knowing how to play with my three friends: light, colors, shadows, and feelings.
A photo is not intended to stay in a drawer or a hard disk, it would be a dead photo. The photo-clubs and their exhibitions are a way of offering them to the sight of those who like this means of expression but the social networks make it possible to make them known further, to a greater number, and to bathe in the excellence of the photos of others. The competitions are a school of humility and allow to bathe in a creative atmosphere favorable to the development of the sensitivity.
I thank the organizers and the juries who devote so much of their lives to it.