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Chicori Couga

Country: Japan

I belong to the Ashiya Photo Association (AP) and I am International Director of the International Division. Therefore, I translate it into Japanese version entry rules for members, and support participation in overseas photo competitions such as holding a group registration meeting. At the same time, I also participate in international photo exhibitions (France, Romania, Poland, India ...), sometimes wearing traditional Japanese kimonos, visiting the site, and doing activities to deepen friendship with photo groups.

For me, shooting photos is "beautiful hunting". And finally, it will be exhibited with original prints. I strive to make polite and beautiful prints.

However, it is also important to announce winning works on the web like CAMPINA. Photographs connect me with people. The power of the photo is great.

For example, about monochrome photo that was first accepted by CAMPINA. The gentleman model is an AP member, and he is a photographer who has won numerous competitions. This photo is one of the memories of a pleasant trip when we AP members participated in a photo tour in Paris. But a year later, he announced to us that only a few life were left to him for illness. I usually don't make most portraits. I entered by this photo only at this time. CAMPINA delivered a little earlier Christmas present to us. He heard on the hospital bed that this photo was won at CAMPINAExhibition. We were both happy and shed tears. He left for heaven a few weeks later. And this photo print is owen of by his bereaved.

Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society will create a new story for you.

Dear Razvan Baleanu, for supporting me from distant Romania. And thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most prestigious title "Hon.CPE" at the Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society.