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Asok Sengupta

Country: India

Asok Sengupta, born in the year 1956 & did his MBBS from Medical College & Hospitals Kolkata in 1982, Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in 1984, MD in 1988, MRCP(UK) in 1995, FRCP (Edinburgh) in 2003. He started his training initially in Kolkata, India till his MD. After doing few years of service in West Bengal Health Service, he moved on to the UK for further experience. He trained and simultaneously worked in different hospitals in the UK and finally settled in Edinburgh, Scotland before he came back to India. In Edinburgh he became a member of Edinburgh Photography Society for a short time. But he had to return to India for his promise of serving his own country after the training.

He always had a keen interest in photography since his childhood. The journey began in 1969 when his father had gifted him with a box camera. In his college days, he bought a Praktika SLR camera and continued with his passion. He toured Europe extensively during his stay in the UK and photographed mostly the beautiful landscapes of the continent. Back to his home town, Kolkata and under huge workload of being a Senior Pulmonologist of a Reputed Hospital in the city, he always wanted to have some formal training in Photography. His chance came in the year 2012 when he successfully finished a basic course in amateur photography. Since then, he has been trying relentlessly to improve his skill in the art side by side of his practice and teaching commitments in the hospital. He is participating Salon Photography from last year, but within this short period he had shown his proficiency in the field. He acquired a few Gold Medals & other awards from different National & International Salons with about 500 acceptances from almost 50 different works. He got the National Distinction AFIP this year. He is now got the eligibility to apply for EFIAP too. But due to time bar he has to apply for AFIAP in the next year. He earnestly hopes to carry on with the photography as much as his busy hours dedicated to the service of ailing patients.