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ANDREAS L. ANDREOU, EFIAP/diamond2, HonEFIAP, ICS/Safiiri, PhenixISF, RISF10, GPU-VIP4, GPU-CR4, GM-UPHK, GM-ICS, ME-UPHK, MHIPS, HonMPI, MICS, MUSPA, MFMPA, MSWAN, GMSAP, MSAP, HonFICS (USA), HonFIP, HonPAD, HonCPE (Romania), GPA.PESGSPC, HonPESGSPC, HonFPSNJ, HonEPI (India), HonECCC, DSISF, FPlatinumISF, EHISF, Hon FUPHK, HonHIPS (India), HonFKO (Croatia), HonFBSPA (Bangladesh), HonFPI (India), HonFPSBP (Malaysia), HonFARGUS (Romania), HonFPSG (Pakistan), HonFSAP (India), HonE.USPA, HonF.SWAN, HonE.FMPA, HonWPG, SE.HKCPAC, Brescia Museum Exhibitor (Italy), Salarjung Museum Exhibitor (India), Excellence Tutor Award 2018 in the biggest International Youth Photographic competition in China with 158, 000 entries entitled "The light of the Silk Road", Best Organisation Award to his ILFIAP club PESGSPC - Cyprus due to the high achievements of its members in "The light of the Silk Road".

Country: Cyprus

- ISF CR (Cyprus) & Founder Platinum Image Sans Frontiere
- President of ILFIAP club PESGSPC
- Intl Judge and Photographic Advisor
- Former Deputy Director of ICS Recognition Service
- Former Vice President ICS (USA) for West Europe,
- Former ICS and affiliated clubs Co-Chairman of Honors Committee

Andreas L. Andreou won 663 international awards including 229 Gold Medals and his multidimensional personality through photography, music and any kind of communication highlights the human values of global love, peace and friendship. Seeking global bridges of love, peace and friendship he organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Art Photography FIAP International Online Photo Exhibition and Projected Images photo event '1st, 2nd From my Country with Love and Friendship'. He was awarded about 100 distinctions from various famous organization’s including 50 top distinctions and 15 Masters. In Image Sans Frontiere he is the only one recipient of triple Master Constellation Daulphin-Hercules-Phoenix.

International projects under the FIAP Auspices
Organiser of FIAP WPG PESGSPC Auspices Projects “1st 2nd From Cyprus & China with Love and Friendship” - “ From Cyprus & India with Love and Friendship” - “ From Young Photographers of Cyprus & India with Love and Friendship” - “From Young Photographers of Cyprus & Oman with Love and Friendship” - “China is in my Heart Forever” - “1st 2nd PASCAL Youth Photographic Experience” - “1st 2nd PASCAL kids Photographic Inspiration” - “1st 2nd Young Photographers Of The World” - “1st 2nd From My Country With Love And Friendship” - “Best Of Photographers Of The World” - “Let’s Celebrate Together The 60 Years Of FIAP” - “FROM - ALGERIA - BAHRAIN - CYPRUS - EGYPT - IRAQ - KUWAIT - OMAN - PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - SAUDI ARABIA - SRI LANKA - SYRIA - YEMEN - WITH LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP 2019”- “From Cyprus and South Africa With Love And Friendship” Organiser of FIAP WPG PESGSPC Patronage projects “1st 2nd 3rd Tourism” - “Rock” - “1st PESGSPC Intl Exhibition - USA” Organiser of PSA Recognition “ISF World Cup – for Cyprus 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014” Honorary Chairman for FIAP ICS WPG PESGSPC Auspices Projects “1st 2nd FIAP in my heart forever” – “1st 2nd Photographers of the world” – “3rd 4th Young photographers of the world”.