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Malcolm Jenkin EFIAP/d2, GMPSA/s, BPSA, CPAGB

Country: England

Malcolm lives in the county of Cornwall in the UK, a particularly photogenic region and an area that he needs to spend more time photographing in his retirement. Malcolm has been involved in photography for over 50 years. His main photographic interest during the film era was social photography, concentrating on portrait and wedding images.
Malcolm enjoyed the creativity afforded by darkroom work and spent many enjoyable hours in his darkroom. He taught various courses in photography at the local college for many years. Malcolm enjoys travel and frequently visits locations both home and abroad. 

He belongs to the local camera club, Camborne Redruth, in Cornwall. Malcolm joined PSA in 2010 and enjoys entering exhibitions, something that he regrets he did not find time for when working. Malcolm earned his PPSA in early 2012, his EPSA in 2013, his MPSA in 2014, his GMPSA in 2016, and his GMPSA/B in 2018, GMPSA/s in 2019. Malcolm gained the EFIA/d1 award in May 2018and EFIAP/d2 in May 2019.  He finds that entering various exhibitions give him the extra incentive to get out and create more images, hopefully better than the last.
He enjoys judging both locally and internationally.