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Klaus Stock

Country: Switzerland

In 1969 I acquired a racing driver's license in Montlhery near Paris. Motorsport was my dream, but it's not that easy without sponsors and the right support. My budget was not enough to subject me to the material battle any longer. Captivated by motorsport, I bought a single-lens reflex camera and switched from racing to photography. It took a little practice at first, but I was soon able to collect some successes as the drivers bought my recordings from me or the well-known long-distance pilot Herbert Müller even used my recordings for his autograph card.

Photography has been my constant companion ever since. As a freelancer at the local newspaper, not only sports photography was one of my tasks.
In 1975 I joined the local photography club as a member. The following year, I was elected Technical Manager at the General Assembly. I was only in this position for a year. Because at the next general meeting, the members elected me president of the AFD. I stayed in this role for the next 10 years.

In the years 1980 - 1983 I ran various photo courses for the leisure committees of the neighboring communities of Fahrweid and Unterengstringen.

At the General Assembly in 1987 I resigned after 10 years as President of the AFD. The board of SAPV-ASPA (today PHOTO SUISSE) had already persuaded me to come to them. At the delegates' meeting in spring 1987, I was elected to the board of the national association SAPV-ASPA - today PHOTO SUISSE.

In 1999 I organized the FIAP Congress in Switzerland on behalf of Photo Suisse. It was the 25th Congress, meaning the 50th anniversary of FIAP. At the 1st FIAP Congress from June 17th to 19th, 1950 in Berne, the spiritual father and life leader of the International Association for Photographic Art (FIAP) Dr. Maurice VAN DE WIJER founded FIAP. Individual board members promised me their support. The majority of the promised support remained as promised, my only free time activity was called "Organization of the FIAP Congress 1999" from now on. In connection with the congress, the Black & White Biennale also had to be organized and the catalog drawn up for it.

In the end everything worked out. And if I still hear the voices of the Thun participants today, then everyone liked it. During the organization I was in close contact with the Secretary General of FIAP. He encouraged me to run for a vacancy in the presidency at the congress. To my surprise, I was elected with a large majority. I was already an honorary member of AFD and PHOTO SUISSE and to my great delight I was also awarded HonEFIAP at the congress in Thun. Initially I was a member of the Presidium, and at the Hungarian Congress I was elected Treasurer. I really enjoyed my work in the Executive Committee. I would still like to be a member of the presidium today, but due to the professional situation I was forced to hand in my resignation at the 29th congress in Zilina, Slovakia.

In 2014 I received an invitation to take part in Art-Image 2014 to shoot for Arad with a group of photographers from different countries. On the occasion I get to know the president of the national association Eugen Negra. He encouraged me to take part in the upcoming Romanian salon. Already with the first participation I achieved positive acceptances including an award. The fever got hold of me and since then I've been attending salons regularly. In the meantime, I have achieved the EFIAP/p (Platinum) award by participating in the majority of salons with FIAP patronage.

I have been a member of the jury at countless international salons. I was allowed to travel to Vietnam twice, was in Paris and Luxembourg as a juror. I was allowed to give my verdict twice for Romania. I already had a ticket, but Corona prevented the flight, the judging took place via the Internet. Equally the rating for Golden Drageon, Singapore or already three times for the NAP National Academy of Photography Kolkata. Jury for Salon of Loftman Art Society, India pending.

Since 2019 I have been responsible for the homepage again on the board of the AFD and at the last general assembly I was re-elected as president.