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James Wat

Country: USA

Photography catch me on since become a teenager when my father got me my first camera, a Plastic made Kodak greyish camera call the "BOX" which allow me to take 127 BW pictures. At my early twenties, I got myself the first set of Hasselblad camera and lens along with the Nikon FTN, Pentax Spotmatic and Cannon video camera. Next twenty ,thirty years, so involved in business that its only until the 2008, when the DSLR camera surfaced  that I re-opened my hidden containers, taking out all the cameras I have saved, and have them sent serviced, God forbid, they all works perfect. In meantime, the Nikon 300 get me regain my enthusiasm with photography. With D3S, and my early retirement, I travelled to all parts of the world I travelled in past 30 years to recapture my memories. Past 10 years has been great with my love of photography of many categories, Getting old now, I have now devoted to the Leica M series of camera and lens which urges me into another plateau of enjoyment.