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Country: Australia

Graeme lives in Canberra and has been a member of the Australian Photographic Society since 1963. He has been on the Management Committee of APS as Junior Vice President and Senior Vice President and has also been chairman of the APS Nature Division. He is also a current member of the Exhibition Services Sub Committee of APS.

As the Nature Division correspondent for IMAGE magazine, Graeme contributed divisional articles on nature for over eight years. His lengthy membership of APS has led to Graeme being the APS State representative looking after the needs of members in the national capital.

Graeme’s first love in photography was as a monochrome print worker working mainly the area of theatre photography. He has had three exhibitions of theatre photography mounted in Canberra.

Apart from working in monochrome Graeme has a great interest in photographing nature, sport and travel and he is a keen street photographer.

Over the years Graeme has acted as a judge and lecturer at local club level as well as judging competitions for interstate clubs the Australian Photographic Society. Graeme has also been included on the judging panels of Australian National exhibitions as well as Australian and overseas Internationals.

Graeme has been competing in National and International salons since 2007 and in that time has amassed over 7800 acceptances in over 50 countries and been awarded over 600 international awards.

Graeme has been fortunate to be awarded his AFIAP, EFIAP and its higher levels from The International Federation of Photographic Art, APS honours of LAPS, AAPS, FAPS, MAPS and GMAPS from the Australian Photographic Society and the distinctions of PPSA and EPSA from the Photographic Society of America. He has also been honoured with the award of ESAPS (service) from the Australian Photographic Society in 2012.

Graeme currently holds the honours and distinctions of APSEM (Exhibitor’s Medal) from the Australian Photographic Society, has been awarded the distinction of Master 2nd level of the Photographic Society of America (MPSA2) and the EFIAP/d1 level from the International Federation of Photographic Art in Europe.