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Asim Kumar Chaudhuri, EFIP, AFIAP 

Country: India

I am Asim kumar chaudhuri, from Ariadaha, Kolkata, I am a Retired Principal of a School ...Early from my childhood I had a passion for photography. I remembered in my school life when I gathered my pocket money and bought AGFA clickIII, (yr.1969). Still I kept it to recapitulate it.
From 2017 I started to participate in Salon… Till today my total acceptances is over 5300 and more than 280 awards in National and International Salons (more than 35 countries)
As I was a Biology student my love to nature is natural. . I love nature and macro photography very much, in which I got some Gold Medal also.

I am attached to Photo club PLAAPA, where I got support very much. In my Village I have also another photoclub -"Protibimbo", where I guide beginners, with several tips and suggestions to take their skills as far as possible (at free of cost). We also arrange exhibition mainly for beginners every year.
I think photography is a part of education.  Through Photography I tried to reflect the basic instinct of people, the moral values of life and I take photographs which reflects the socio-economic value and to improve the aspects of life. I also guide people to take such photographs which will raise voice against de-moralism, prejudice and discrimination in society.
In FIP Who's Who -2018 my Ranking was 4th, (published in Viewfinder May 2019) among Indian photographers.