Campina Exhibitions
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Campina Exhibition is an organization special created to promote art in photography in entire world.
Campina Exhibitions is located in a cultural city from Romania, in Campina.
Campina Exhibitions was founded by Razvan Baleanu, artist photographer who was born and raised in Campina.

To promote and sustain photographic art in the whole world, “Campina Exhibitions” organizing since 2016 several International Exhibitions of Photography under the high patronages of Photographic Society of America (PSA), Global Photographic Union (GPU), Image Colleague Society International (ICS) and Association of Photographic Artist in Romania (AAFR).

Campina Exhibitions support any form of creation expressed through photography. In exhibitions held promotes classical photography to digital photography, travel photography, journalism photography and nature photography.

Our International Exhibitions of Photography are:
CAMPINA International Exhibition of Photography Romania held with PSA and GPU Recognition’s.
ONYX International Exhibition of Photography Romania held with PSA, GPU and ICS Recognition’s.

Also we organize numerous exhibitions of photography, so very famous photographers from worldwide, made us a great honor to exhibit in Campina their valuable works.

Our International Exhibitions have a great and very valuable International Jury, consists of three personalities in the field of photography art, University teachers and famous photographers: Mr. Tibor Jakab, Mr. Dr. Teodor Radu Pantea and Mr. Mircea Anghel.

Campina Exhibitions team is not very big, but it is made up of art lovers, famous photographers, teachers, doctors, engineers and historians, all lovers of photography, who want to create and promote photography in entire word.

Campina, our little cultural city, we want to become a proud cultural center of the photography.
Photograph tradition of over 70 years in our city, obliges us to carry on, but all is made with the contribution of all participants in our projects. For this we want to thank to all the photographers that participate and sustain us.

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